Spring Drive Gravel Trail to Provide More Efficient Park Access

Of the many projects the Highland Douglas Neighborhood Association (HDNA) is working on, one of them is an effort to create more and safer access points to Cherokee Park from our neighborhood.  One of the major access points from our neighborhood to Cherokee Park, is located at the intersection of Spring Drive and Cherokee Road. The now dirt trail at that location has uneven surfaces due to tree roots and is frequently subject to mud accumulation.

HDNA is spearheading an effort to create easier access for walkers, baby strollers, bicyclists, and other nature enthusiasts to the park by making the existing path more accessible and user friendly. Partnering with Olmsted conservancy, who will be constructing the path, the HDNA is fundraising for this project. We are being joined in that fundraising effort by the Bonnycastle neighborhood.   The plan is to create a five-foot-wide gravel path that will connect the intersection of Spring Drive and Cherokee Road to the scenic Loop.   The estimated cost of the project is around $10,000, but the HDNA has already raised $1,400.

Below is the web address and web address that will take you to the Olmsted Parks Conservancy donation page so you can make your donation.    When you make a gift to build the Spring Drive trail on the web site below, please type “For Spring Drive trail/HDNA” in the comment section so the funds are earmarked for this specific project and Olmstead knows it was someone from our neighborhood that made the donation.   We have a friendly competition with the Bonnycastle neighborhood on who can generate the most in donations.

We are setting a September 30th fundraising deadline so we can try and get the trail built this fall.   Be a part of improving our already great neighborhood.   Any donation amount is appreciated and will help us meet our fundraising goal and get this project completed.


Make sure to add “For Spring Drive trail/HDNA” in the comment section.

Spring Walking Path
Spring Drive Walking Path
Spring Walking Path Sign
Spring Drive Walking Path Sign