Business Membership

If you are a business owner with customers who reside in the Highlands-Douglass Neighborhood, Business Membership in HDNA is an excellent way to …

  • Grow and sustain your customer base among Highlands-Douglass residents.
  • Gain exposure for your business through our biannual Newsletter, The Neighbor.
  • Capitalize on continuous on-going exposure for your business, through complimentary presence on the HDNA website.
  • Visibly acknowledge your support of HDNA’s activities and programs by prominent display of your business membership decal.
  • Promote your business through complimentary exposure at HDNA events and activities (Big Rock Jazz and Blues Fest, Ice Cream Social, etc.).

We offer Permanent Partner Memberships as well as 1-year, 2-year and 3-year options.  For details on joining HDNA as a Business Member, email us at: